I’m glad these are the people responsible for season 3

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On the downside, I’m not that attractive.

On the UPside, if I lived back in Aztec times, they wouldn’t sacrifice me to the Gods for my beauty, by tearing my beating heart out of my chest…

So there’s that…

According to science we are actually getting more attractive, so there’s a good chance they would consider you beautiful and thus sacrificeable. Sorry dude, no getting out of this one.



she wants the d(vd of hannibal season 2)

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blackboard is the worst invention of all time because there’s literally no way to escape your homework. sick with the flu? homework’s on blackboard. snow day? homework’s on blackboard. house burned down? use your fucking phone because the fucking homework’s on blackboard

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My anaconda don’t wanna go to class tomorrow

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I’ve never met Raúl Esparza but I’m very proud of him.

Mads Mikkelsen by Adam Ihse [>HQ<]





i honestly love this more than anything in the world

i thought this was a joke but i googled it and it’s real

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marvel studios is going through a moment where they could literally pick any character and make a successful movie if they wanted to. for fucks sake they made one about a team that not even most marvel comics fans really cared about, when no one was asking for a movie about them, a team that features a talking tree and a talking raccoon, and it had the fucking biggest box office of the year so far. stop giving me those weak ass excuses for the lack of female led movies

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am i too late or

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